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Our Rates

We know that you can pay big money for a complex business web site, but most small businesses don't need that. They want a simple, effective, good-looking site that accomplishes a specific purpose. We'll work with you to understand that purpose and produce a site that meets your needs, for a very fair price.

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So, what do we charge?... well, each web site is different, but we do offer a "starter package" for simple sites that many clients find attractive. This package will give you an idea of our rates:

The "Starter Package" Includes
  • Creating a custom graphic design for both desktop and mobile versions of your site
  • Build your website with a "responsive" design – to look good on mobile phones and tablets, as well as desktop browsers.
  • Approximately 8 pages, plus a contact form.
  • Add our custom blog, photo gallery, or calendar for no extra cost.
  • Edit your website files yourself if you choose.
  • Full website statistics.
  • No Custom programming.
  • Many of our sites were built using this package.
$225 One-time fee to design and build
          the desktop site
$225 One-time fee for responsive design
$245 Yearly fee for updates and maintenance.
$  90 Yearly fee for hosting your site.
$785 First year charge. $335 for subsequent years.

Please contact us for an in-depth custom appraisal of your web site project.